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Mother: Qi Xin

Children: with Peng Liyuan: Xi Mingze

Education: Tsinghua University, Chemical Engineering, 1979; Tsinghua University, LLD, 2002

Other Facts:
Is considered to be a “princeling,” the son or daughter of a revolutionary veteran.

His wife, Peng Liyuan is a famous folk singer in China.

1969-1975Works as an agricultural laborer in Liangjiahe, Shaanxi. Xi is among the millions of urban youths who were “sent down,” forced to leave cities to work as laborers in the countryside under Mao’s policies.

1974 Joins the Communist Party of China.

1979-1982 Works as the personal secretary to Geng Biao, the minister of defense.

1982-1985Serves as deputy secretary and then secretary of Zhengding, Hebei Province.

April 1985Makes his first trip to the United States as part of an agricultural delegation.

1985-1988Executive vice mayor of Xiamen, Fujian Province.

1988-1990 Party secretary of Ningde, Fujian Province.

1990-1996Party secretary of Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

1996-1999 Deputy party secretary of Fujian Province.

1999-2000Vice governor of Fujian Province.

2000-2002Governor of Fujian Province.

2002-2007Party secretary of Zhejiang Province.

2007Is named party secretary of Shanghai.

October 2007-presentPolitburo Standing Committee member.

2007-2013President of the Central Party School.

2008-2013Vice president of the People’s Republic of China.

2010-2012Vice chairman of the Central Military Commission.

October 2014 – “The Governance of China,” a collection of Xi’s speeches, is published.

April 2016 – Assumes the title of “commander in chief” of the new joint forces battle command center, consolidating his control of the military.

February 25, 2018 – The party proposes amending the country’s constitution to abolish term limits for presidents, allowing Xi to serve indefinitely as China’s head of state.

March 17, 2018 – Begins his second term as president, with no term limits.

May 4, 2018 – Speaks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe via phone about the situation in the Korean Peninsula. This is the first time that the two leaders have ever spoken on the phone.

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